forex-trade.uk is a private investment company incorporated in France. The main business involves cryptocurrency mining and intelligent automated trading, bringing stable and efficient revenue to our global customers.

forex-trade.uk is a leading global manager of financial investments registered in France. We learned from every deal and market cycle to build client relationships that have crossed generations, offering a diverse and truly global investment portfolio

Personalized support and relationships matter to us. Because we are owned by banks, we are empowered to deliver top-notch support and services. We are Insurance experts and we have professionals who major in stock exchange, forex trade etc

Yes we are registered, headquartered and regulated in the France

First off, register your account to access your dashboard, then make any investment in the investment section.

Our experts are able to provide advice on risk management to protect your capital and achieve above-average returns.

Withdrawals are processed instantly

We accept bitcoin and Bank wire transfer

Yes. Our Investors get 10% bonus when they refer someone using their unique referral link. In addition, there is free consultation for our investors. We partner with other top companies like: Market trade, Medusis club, encore autos and so on

Do not Hesistate to invest in your Future today!!!

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